The Little Things Photo Gallery

2 thoughts on “The Little Things Photo Gallery

  1. What a beautiful story about you, your family and your home! I absolutely love your home and the story behind it! Congratulations to you for finding happiness in the simple things in life! !

    • Thank you Cheryl. I have been very lucky. It took me years to learn to enjoy the little things, I was always running around trying to be perfect. As I got older I realized it was the little things that mattered and that are remembered, not that my house was spotless or my cake was picture perfect. I think it was my grand kids that taught me. One day I was driving home with my grandson and it was snowing out. He made a comment to me about the snow. He said look at the snow and how beautiful it is, and instead of being stressed about the snow, having to drive in it and having to shovel it and all that good stuff I actually looked and it was so beautiful and we went out and played in it and I know it sounds crazy but it really took a 3 year old at the time to open my eyes to those little things. To take pleasure in whats right in front of stop and smell the flowers.

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