My Amazing Family

Of course I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t have such an amazing family behind me all the way.  They have been there with me through good times and bad, happy and sad.  They know the real me and somehow still love me. So I feel I need to give them a special place here (really, it’s the least I can do).  First and foremost is my darling husband.  Without him the other 5 wouldn’t be possible.  He knows me better then I know myself, listens (at least pretends to) to me, even when he has heard it all before, and loves me, even though my hair is getting grayer, and my waistline is getting bigger. Next in line is my daughter, my one and only.  She has been my guiding light.  She has blessed me with a grandson that I adore, a grandson that has taught me to get down and smell the flowers, to jump in puddles, enjoy the snowfall and be innocent again.  Then comes the boyz!!!  Being a mother of 4 boys has taught me many things.  #1. Do Not take life seriously. There is always a prank to be played (most times on me).  #2. They love to get physical.  They keep me on my toes, always ready to tackle me for no reason (seriously, they think it is great fun to jump out of nowhere and knock me to the ground or grab me in a headlock). And #3. Boys LOVE their mothers.  Yes they do, and there are no words to describe that, it is just there.  My oldest son has also blessed me with a grandchild.  A little girl that is my biggest fan.  I love being able to teach her to cook, bake, garden and prepare her for the role in life that she will someday play.  My children make me laugh.  My children have taught me to love, unconditionally.  My children have given me a head full of gray hair. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


One thought on “My Amazing Family

  1. I give you tons of credit for being the mother of all those boys! And yes, you do have a very precious daughter and cutie pie grandchildren too!

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