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So you want to know about me. Well I have five amazing children, two of the cutest grandchildren, a very supportive husband, a dog, a cat and nine chickens (so far)! I love to garden, cook, bake, read and take care of my family. I want everything to be perfect but I’m a slob at heart. I procrastinate terribly but somehow still manage to get things done. Basically I’m learning to enjoy the little things life has to offer, because really they are the big things.




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  1. Love your site…Your “about me” reminds me a lot of myself…I, too, have 5 children, grown, and 9 2/3 grandchildren…Our 10th is due in May…Even though I live in Florida, I keep my bird and suet feeders filled the year around…I love your wreath and feeders…And very reasonably priced…Keep up the good work!!!

    • Thank you so much Sue. You must be a busy lady then with all those grandchildren! Aren’t they wonderful? My daughter is expecting again in July, we are very excited. Where are you in Florida? We have a house in Naples, but now with all these farm animals I’m not sure when we will get to see it again!!

  2. Karyn, I had no idea! Love this so much…I love what you’re doing…especially the gardening, and the ‘barnyard’!
    i would love to see first hand what you have going.

  3. I’m in New Jersey…which planting zone are you In? I have a back yard area that I’ve been building up for two years now, can’t wait till it warms up. Juliana

  4. Hi There,
    I absolutely love your FB page as well as your Blog.
    There are a number of us that are interested in purchasing your beautiful soaps. Can you post on FB exactly how we can get details on pricing, etc.
    Thank You,

    • Hi Leslie, Thanks so much for the kind words! I will put up a post on FB and I will tell you here that my soap is selling for $5.00/bar. Each one is made with goats milk, olive oil, coconut oil and essential oils. I am looking forward to summer when I hope to be able to use my herbs as well. Let me know if you want any!! Karyn

  5. Hello there, You stopped in my shop Maison St. Germain a couple of weeks ago and we spoke about working on your bunkhouse, which is fabulous by the way. I don’t have your phone # so would it be possible to email me at [email protected]. and we can swap #’s. We wanted to stop by around 12:30 tomorrow. I know this is short notice but we both have other jobs:/ I am sure we can work something out. This is going to be such a fun project!!!!!!!!
    Thank you,
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens
    Maison St. Germain, Woodbury, ct

  6. Hello from Naples, your hubby gave me your link. I love it! We are renting your Naples home, and no worries, it will be well taken care of. You are so busy, how do you do it all? You seem like an amazing cook! Cant wait to try some of your recipes. I also must try your soaps, especially for my kids, sensitive skin. My son is gluten and dairy free ( he can have goats milk cheese) . I try to be as chemical free as I can be. The produce is yuck in Florida! When I get back from vacation next week, I am going to try to plant some tomatoes and strawberries in pots. I may need some help! Do you have a new grandbaby yet?
    Oh my son loves the animal pictures! We are animal lovers! We lost our two huskies last year, and down to one dog ( my rescue mutt)..he is kinda of ugly, but the best dog! I promised another dog after our renovation, it was hard enough trying to find a place to rent, with one dog.. but we got lucky with you guys! I told Greg, my daughter thinks your boys are cute, the picture by the kitchen, they are super cute, I told her they must have come with the frame.. She is turning 13 on Wednesday, tough age, she thinks she is all grown up..

    • Lisa, I do apologize for taking forever to respond to your wonderful comment. It’s so nice to hear from you and I hope you are doing well in the house. I am very happy to hear you are enjoying it. Please make it your home while you are there.
      I received your package for my daughter and of course she loves it as did I. Everything was just so darn cute! I loved the little overalls! That was really very nice of you and very generous. Thank you.
      Please message me anytime at my email address [email protected] and I will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.
      I miss our home in Florida, enjoy it for me!! Oh…did you get any fruit off the trees? I hope so!

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