Hanging Heart Pillows

Here is an easy project for you that I’m sure you will Love ~ Hanging Heart Pillows.


What you will need:

  • Fabric.  Any scrapes that you have will work and if you don’t have that you can always do what I did and cut up one of your kitchen dish towels!!  It doesn’t have to be fancy!
  • Sewing machine of course or at least a needle and thread if you want to hand sew these but why would you?
  • Thread in coordinating colors, or not.  You can use a contrasting color if you so desire and if you can sew a relatively straight line, which I can not!
  • scissors
  • marker
  • heart template
  • ribbon for hanging
  • Polyfill

I think that’s it.  Before you can make these you need to get yourself a heart template.  I used one of my heart cookie cutters and traced it onto a piece of sturdy cardboard.  You can also find a gazzillion heart shapes on the internet and I’m sure those would work too.



  1. Once you have your template made you can trace it onto a piece of fabric.  You will need two pieces for each heart, a front and back, but only cut out ONE (I will show you why in a minute).  Cut the other one into a square just a tad larger then your heart shape.
  2. Pin together the WRONG sides of the fabric. If you have a fabric with stripes or a pattern try to line up your two pieces so they match.
  3. Pin your ribbon for hanging on the inside of the top of your heart so you don’t forget to add it when you are in the middle of sewing around your heart later.  It could happen.  Just saying.
  4. Place the two pieces of fabric into your sewing machine and start sewing around the edge of the heart using your presser foot as a guide.  Start on the side and work your way around.  Stop when you get about an inch away from your starting point.  Here is where you will be so happy you didn’t cut both pieces of fabric into a heart!  The bigger square piece gives you something to hold on to when you are turning the corners!  Genius!!
  5. Remove the heart from your machine and fill it with polyfill through the opening on the side.  Not too much…easy does it here.   They don’t need to be fat pillows.  Just decoration pillows.
  6. Put the heart back into your machine and sew up the opening.  Almost done!
  7. Trim the back side of the fabric to match the front and there you have it..a perfect little heart pillow to hang and decorate with!



IMG_52614. + 5.

What happened to 6. + 7.?  Oopsy!!

IMG_5264Now wasn’t that easy? Believe me if I can make these so can you, I do not sew at all if I can avoid it. I don’t do well with sewing machines because they just don’t like me.  Except this time.  We played nice together and I was able to make up a big bowl of Hanging Heart Pillows.  Hey i just had a thought…. You could probably fill these with some potpourri too and I bet they would make they whole room smell good!

IMG_5279If you would like a much better DIY tutorial with nicer pictures take a trip over to On Sutton Place where I discovered these little cuties.  This women Ann is amazing, as is her blog.  As a matter of fact I will probably see you there!


One thought on “Hanging Heart Pillows

  1. Those are beautiful!! Also, one time a friend and I made those (she sewed, not me) and we put lace on one side and filled them with potpourri!

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