Goings on for a Sunday morning.

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea, whatever your pleasure, and sit a spell.  it’s Sunday.

Just a little summary of the farm family goings on.

IMG_8404First we have the Hippie Chicks and the Guinea Hens.  Not much going on there.  They basically do their own thing, expect treats and mind their own business..except the guinea hens are nuts.  Every night the Hippie Chicks tuck themselves into bed in the Hippie Chick Inn and the Guinea Hens are all over the place.  I have to bribe them with mealworms to get them inside. (maybe they aren’t that dumb??)

IMG_8131Then we have Mo the mini donkey and Thunder the mini horse.  They are a team with Thunder leading the way.  They also control the barnyard.  They go where they want and do what they want and everyone lets them.  Right now Mo is mad at me.  I’m not sure why ( I think he blames me for the freezing cold, snow and ice!) because when I go out and try to give him a hug, he turns his head, letting me know in his way that he is not interested.  He will however accept treats if I offer them…He is complicated.  The two of them like to stand at the gate kicking it, telling us they want out.  They are always on a mission to find green grass.  Thunder is much older than Mo and has arthritis in his knees so he isn’t much fun.  Mo loves it when Hauser can come out and play.  They have a ball just running in circles.

IMG_8519Next comes the Alpacas, The 3 Stooges.  It’s a long story but, Curly and Larry…2 of the Alpacas have decided they don’t like Moe, the third alpaca.  I think it may be because Moe thinks he is a goatee girl.  He hangs with the girls, eats with the girls, sleeps with the girls.  I think he is gay.  Hey, I’m not passing any judgement here, to each his own, but it has caused significant problems in the barnyard.  They pick on him all the time.  To the point where we have to separate them.  Curly is the ring leader and head bully.  Larry does whatever Curly says. So Moe gets picked on.  The goats don’t care one way or another so if Moe wants to be a Goatee Girl that’s fine by them.

IMG_4910 Moe, goatee girl wanna be

Shaniqe is still Queen goat and enjoys bossing the others around.  Dutchess pretends to be aloof but secretly adores attention.  You just have to pretend you are ignoring her and look the other way when you hug and kiss her.  Bambi is everyones friend.  The barnyard mascot.  Everyone loves Bambi and she loves everyone.  Pip is quiet and you would never know she was even there.  She hides away and keeps to herself but did take over the role of Momma to baby Cocoa after Mocha passed.  Pip is dependable.  Early in December we took Pip and Bambi out on a double date.  We introduced them to a couple of Billy’s and now we are hoping to have babies in April or May.  Very exciting!!  Then we have Cocoa, the baby of the farm family.  She still cries, a lot, I believe she never got over her Mommas passing.  She  hasn’t been a very friendly or loving goat until she discovered animal crackers.  Now she is always the first one to run up when I come into the barnyard.  She knows exactly what pocket I keep the cookies in and she often helps herself.  I call her Cocoa and Cookies. It seems fitting.


Oh that face!

IMG_4387Dancing and partying it up!

Dutch and Hauser are the 2 main characters.  They remind me of dumb and dumber.  Always together, always in trouble and always spoiled rotten.  They have the run of the place.  They sleep inside where it is warm, often times on the couch even when they are forbidden (but I just can’t say No!!)  Life revolves around those two and they know it.  Dutch being the big brother and mastermind, setting poor innocent Hauser to do the dirty work then sitting back nonchalant when Hauser gets caught in the act. They are inseparable. Best buds.  After seeing these two together the way they are, I would never have just one dog again. 2 is absolutely better than 1.


Double trouble!

Miss Kitty as I call her, Autumn as my son calls her, is our resident house cat.  She is a beautiful tabby and she knows it.  She is your typical cat and only shares the love on her terms.  Usually when she wants something, like a drink of water that she will only take fresh and cold from the faucet. Spoiled. She spends most of her time sleeping on my sons bed, waiting for him to return (he is the one away in Va. with the Army right now). Miss Kitty adores him, she is defenitaley a one person cat.  She also spends her time hiding out from Hauser.  For some reason that dog just wants to “play” with kitty something fierce.  We have a gate that separates the family room and kitchen from the rest of the house so of course Kitty stays on one side and Hauser is on the other.  Kitty will often times hang out on the safe side of the gate where she can tease Hauser knowing he can’t get her.  It drives him crazy!  One day Hauser fixed her good when he jumped clear over the gate and ran after her!!  She did have it coming!


So pretty

The rabbits and  the parakeets, all keep to themselves and sometimes it’s easy to forget all about them. The parakeets do enjoy a good jazz tune and have been known to get into some serious head banging listening to our sons heavy metal music but for the most part they are quiet and happy as long as you provide them with the basics.  Food and water.


I was never an animal person.  I didn’t even really like dogs all that much.  They slobbered, they shed, they chewed things. Cats were ok, I liked cats.  They stayed out of my way and I stayed out of theirs.  Just how I liked it.  Now….well, all I can say is “I’ve seen the light!”  I love these creatures.  Slobber and all.


 Look Away!  No dogs on the couch right?  I see nothing!!


Have a wonderful day everyone. Big Hugs!

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