Pumpkin Planter

As much as I enjoy the summer and used to spend a great deal of time working on my tan every year, I have to say that fall is my very favorite season.


Everything about it speaks to me.


The colors




Smells, tastes.

I love it all.

I especially love to decorate for fall using natural elements and warm rich colors.  One thing that I always look forward to changing up with the season is my outdoor planters.


I like to mix it up a little each year so I added a pumpkin and ivy to the mums along with the ornamental cabbage. After filling my urn with fresh soil I hollowed out my pumpkin. One of the best investments I have ever made would have to be my pumpkin carving kit.  It makes short work of carving and cleaning and you can achieve all kinds of intricate cuts and angles with ease.


my handy dandy pumpkin carving kit


perfectly hallowed out pumpkin

If you want to use a pumpkin as a planter you have to make sure to add some holes for drainage.


like so.

Fill your pumpkin planter with soil and your plants of choice.


 In this case I used a white mum and some ivy to spill over the side.  Then I start adding different colors, textures and types of plants to the base planter all around the pumpkin.  When you do this you want to make sure to plant them on an angle so they look better.


You might have to remove some of the soil and roots from the plants, squishing them together so they fit.


Not to worry…it will be just fine inside the planter.

Keep squishing and filling and layering all the way around your pot.  Remember to add something that will spill over the side.  Or not, you don’t have to, I just really think it gives it a nice finished look.  Another trick is to use odd numbers.  I always go with 1, 3, or 5 of something when I garden and I carry that over into all my pots.  It looks more natural. Oh, and when you buy your flowering plants always look for the ones that haven’t bloomed yet.  They will last longer that way.


Just wait until that white mum inside that pumpkin pops!

~Happy Fall~

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  1. Hi Karyn,
    My fiance met your husband Greg the other day and told me I had to check out your website. I love your blog! Been looking at it while I drink my tea. It’s wonderful! I’d love to come see all the animals if you have time. I’m in Goshen, but opening a little shop in Morris very soon.

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