The Newcomers

I find it hard to believe that summer has come and gone and I haven’t sat down once to say hi or check in and see how you are all doing.  I don’t know how that happened. Shame on me.  But Fall is here and I’m turning over a new leaf (ha! ya like that?) so “Hi!  How the heck are you?  How was your summer?”

I do have some exciting news to share with you though, which is really why I was motivated to sit down and catch up.  Guess what!  We have two new additions to our farm family!  It happened so fast, kinda like summer.  Just this past weekend my hubs and jr. were talking about a patient who’s sister had a donkey and a miniature horse that she couldn’t keep anymore and had to get rid of.  She wanted to find them a good home.  Next thing I know we are on our way to go and have a look.  Next thing I know they are moving in!!  Really.  It happened that fast!

So let me introduce you to our newest members….


This is Mr. Molashes. He has really long eye lashes.  Mo for short.  He is short.  He is a miniature donkey.  A miniature Sicilian donkey.  He is also a coco brown color which I was told is very desirable and he is 7 years old.  He likes hugs and kisses a lot and comes when you call him.


This is Thunder.  He is a miniature horse.  He is small but he has really long hair and a long pony tail.  I can’t wait to brush his long hair.  I always wanted really long hair like his and when I was little I used to pretend that my hair was long.  My older sister had this fake hair piece that was just a really long pony tail (it was the 60’s ok?) and when she wasn’t  home I would steal it and stick it on my head like it was my real hair (what? I was like…5!).  I loved it.  ~sigh~  Thunder is 24 years old and he loves hugs and kisses too.  What Mo and Thunder both love more than that though is each other.


So they came as a set.


The goatee girls weren’t too sure about the newcomers at first.  They watched them through the woods where it was safe.


The Alpaca boys wouldn’t even get that close.  They still don’t even get that close to me and it’s been months!


Dutch and Hauser on the other hand just want to play and get to know them.  They want to see how fast they can run!  We will have to save that for another time.  For now Dutch and Hauser will just have to get to know them through the fence. Where it is safe.

I think these two will make a great addition to our family.  I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings.  I have much to learn in the meantime.

Before I go I want to share a little story with you.  It seems fitting.


The story is called “The Donkey’s Cross” and it goes like this:

A young donkey was brought to Jesus to carry him into Jerusalem.  A week later Jesus was ordered crucified.  The little donkey so loved the Lord that he wanted to help him carry the cross.  But alas, he was pushed away.  The sad little donkey waited to say goodbye until nearly all had left.  As he turned to leave, the shadow of the cross fell upon his back and shoulders.  And there it has remained, a tribute to the loyalty and love of the humblest of Gods creatures.



The End


3 thoughts on “The Newcomers

  1. Oh Karyn, you never cease to amaze me with all of your adorable farm critters! I’m so jealous! Congratulations on Mo and Thunder! I hope to get to meet them in person one day!
    Hugs to you and all your beautiful animals.

  2. That’s so funny, I just checked on your blog last night! You must have been in the middle of writing this, well worth the wait. Can’t wait to meet the new pair.

  3. I think that’s wonderful that you are able to take both animals and keep them together. The horse and donkey are very beautiful…enjoy! Keep us posted.

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