SwissStock 2014

In case you are wondering what a SwissStock is, well simply put, it is a gathering of all the Greater Swiss Mountain dogs and their families that are related in some way to our two Swissy’s, Dutch and Hauser.  A kind of family reunion.


SwissStock came about last year after we hosted a small gathering at our house for Dutch and his siblings. You can read all about that reunion here if you’d like. One of the “Moms”(Marjie) called me and asked if we would be interested in hosting another Swissy event this time for ALL of the Aegis Swiss Mountain dogs and their families.  It would be for an entire weekend with everyone camping out in our big field, staying in the Bunkhouse, bunking in the big barn or even sleeping in their cars. A Swissy Woodstock, a weekend of peace, love and Swissy’s!

IMG_6657 Welcome to Camp Swissy!

 We set the date and started planning the events.  Marjie and I would be in charge of the food, which meant cooking for 35+ people for an entire weekend.  Lucky for me Marjie is an amazing cook and can chop vegetables faster then Yan can cook! (remember him?)

IMG_6640Marjie’s grilled veggies

IMG_6680My Buckeye Brownies

IMG_6650Cheese anyone?

IMG_6673Hungry yet?

IMG_6660Marjie and her son.  This women can cook! She made me my first ever fiddle heads and they were out of this world!

The party started early Saturday morning when a Van full of puppies arrived.  Dutch’s first “Momma” and trainer Kristen, came with a litter of  Old English Sheep dogs and a litter of Swissy’s.

IMG_6671Momma Kristen

 The cuteness was overwhelming.  All those sweet little puppies in one place!  One by one the Swissy’s and humans arrived and the festivities began.

Snowball Sheep Dog puppy!


There was wagon pulling, swimming, running, jumping, chasing and lots of good food all around.  The weather was perfect, the company delightful, and the dogs, well they were the stars of the show.


IMG_6721Keeper of the hot tub


IMG_6722Come on in! The water is just right!



3 generations L-R Dutch, his momma Nokie Pokie and his grandma Frida


Look at that face!  This is Brody, Hauser’s uncle.

IMG_6726Swissy and children sweetness


See you next year at SwissStock 2015!

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  1. Aww, such cuteness all in one place! Looks like a great time, wonderful friends and delicious food. Thanks for sharing!

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