My oldest son and his family came to spend time with us this weekend. That just means, they bring lots of booze, we play cards all night or work on a puzzle, I get to enjoy my granddaughter, we cook, eat, drink, laugh and just enjoy each others company.
IMG_5625Our idea of a cooler.  Grab a bottle, stick it in the snow…Works for us!!

IMG_2778My oldest son and his wife.  He cooks, she cleans.  Ok by me!!

IMG_2785My granddaughter and mini me.  A blank canvas!!  Im going to teach her!

I planted seeds, we cooked amazing food like, BBQ Shrimp over Polenta and Swiss Chard, played setback till the wee hours, milked goats, gathered eggs, made a huge sit down, back home, breakfast the next morning.  We were family.  We loved.  We hugged.  We kissed.  We enjoyed….each other.  Our door is always open.  You are never too far away.  Come on in and sit a spell.


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