Our first visit at The Bethlehem Bunkhouse!

The Bethlehem Bunkhouse opened it’s door this weekend.

IMG_5507bunkhouseCome on in and stay awhile.

We had our very first guests come Friday night for a romantic get-away weekend.  I was feeling very excited because this was a women I had met from Facebook and we became good friends through the world of blogging.  If you have some time please go pay Bridget a visit here to read her wonderful stories and too funny adventures.  Give her a hug for me, ok?

I wanted everything to be perfect for her and her husband Eric. I wanted them to feel at home.

IMG_5561bedDoes that look like a chicken to you?

We had a major snowstorm the day before they came.

IMG_5533snow 1Then more snow the next morning.

IMG_5444dutch in snowEven more snow while they were here.  We got a whole lotta snow!

IMG_5556snow2All the way up to our dining room windows!

I was afraid they wouldn’t be able to come but they made it.  Good thing because I was thinking of sending the hubs to Moriches, NY to pick them up in his truck!!

They wanted to meet the Swissies, Dutch and Hauser.  They wanted to meet the farm family, the Hippie Chicks, Frank the “ringing Roo” and the Goatee Girls.  So we walked down to the barnyard and hung out for awhile talking.

IMG_2661bridgetAnd talking some more! (Hauser got a time out in the Ranger for eating chocolate raisins)

They wanted to practice milking a goat and learn to make cheese with the fresh goats milk.

PicMonkey Collage milkingThey were both naturals and we had almost a full bucket in no time!  Ok, not really but we had fun!!

IMG_2690cheese cheersCheers to Cheese!

 Cheers to changes in life, new adventures, new hopes and dreams.

1898014_415487351920440_932681386_nCheers to laughing and new friends.

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