Best Birthday!

We had some warm weather for a few days.  The temperature got up into the 40’s.  Everyone came outside to celebrate.

IMG_5399Fluffy Butt soaked up some sun.

IMG_5408The goatee girls worked on their tans.

IMG_5359Ok, maybe not everyone came outside.

It was nice while it lasted and then the groundhog saw his shadow so now we will have 6 more weeks of winter.  We got hit with more snow and are expecting another 8-10 inches tomorrow and a big storm for the weekend.


Our family celebrates a lot of birthdays in January and February.  My daughter just turned 36 and is expecting another baby.  She has a little boy, Trent, so we are all excited to find out what sex this new addition will be.

IMG_2475Look at that cute little belly!

I just had my birthday as well.  My daughter made me a very special birthday cake.

IMG_2470BOY? or GIRL?…That is the question.

IMG_2482Everyone was very excited and couldn’t wait to hear the news.

We all placed bets.  I said Girl.

IMG_2496IT’S A BOY!!!

IMG_2485The best birthday present ever!!!

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