Home Tour…Not!!

I’ve been a lot little under the weather these past few days.  Appears as though I have caught a head cold so I have been camping out on the couch with my trusty iPad, my box of kleenex and my cold remedy tea with honey.  Poor me.  This has given me a lot of time to play on the internet and look-up some fellow bloggers.  It seems as though everyone I see offers a “home tour”.  This is where you get to go into their homes and see how beautiful everything looks.  How they decorate, what they make, how they live.  Well let me tell you it is very depressing.  If I wasn’t sick already I am now!!  I mean, have you seen some of these homes??  First thing I do is look at the pictures on the house tour.  Then I read the “About” section of the blog to see if these women have children, pets, a family.  Because, seriously how can children live in houses like that?  I mean where are the stinky socks, the dishes in the sink, the garbage that’s overflowing?  Where are the endless amounts of school papers that come home and need to be taken care of? Where do these families live???

So I started stressing over this (big time) and decided I want to do a house tour as well.  I want to show you all how wonderful it can be to live in my world, in my house, with my beautiful decorating skills, my Vignette, my never messy, always perfect home~Not.  So you too can achieve the same thing.  Because I will show you how!!

But first I NEED ABOUT A MONTH TO GET EVERYTHING CLEANED UP!!  And then I need to ship my family off to go live somewhere else so it stays clean.  I have to get rid of the dogs and the cat.  I have to find a home for the gazillion papers and what not that always seems to be laying around….”Who’s song lyrics are these?? Can you put them away? Do these sweat pants belong to anyone? Who’s keys? Who’s bag? Who’s shoes? Socks? Belt? Boots? Hat?  Who’s bone? Why is there a bone in here? Isn’t that supposed to be an outside toy??”  Ya get the picture??

When I feel better I will post a beautiful clean, picked-up and put away house tour (maybe).  In the meantime….Welcome to my world as it is today. Oh and better pour yourself a good strong drink… you are gonna need it!!

Let’s start at the kitchen door that most people will see when they enter my beautiful home…

IMG_2346Actually it looks pretty good today.   Usually there are at least 4 pairs of boots out there.  What I want you to notice is the Christmas garland that is still around the door because I was thinking I would make a bunch of  hearts to decorate it with for Valentines day.  This is as far as I got so I either need to get my act together and make the rest or take it down and add it to my pile of un-finished projects.  I lose interest with things, I never follow through, and this is a perfect example!!

IMG_2323Come on in and hang up your coat, along with the 20 other coats 5 people need!!

IMG_2322Go ahead and throw the mail, your keys, your pocket book, the smoke detector (?) and anything else you might have in your hands right there on that cabinet.  Then just leave it there forever!!

IMG_2320I just went to the grocery store and picked up a few things. About 2 hours ago! (Hey, I got distracted!)

IMG_2321There will always be dishes in the sink.  ALWAYS!!! Maybe if I stack them neatly and tie them in a bow??

Moving on to the family room:

IMG_2324 So in here we have my box of tissues ~ I’m sick remember? Pillows, blankets and puppy all over the place.  But hey, we did make that table from a door we took down during construction!

IMG_2325That is the hubs chair.  That is the pups blanket.  We had a nice table in-between the couch and the chair but the dogs kept running through it and I was afraid it would get knocked over so I moved it…temporarily. What you can’t see from this picture are the 2 dog crates that take up half the room!

IMG_2326Doesn’t everyone have a vacuum hanging out??  Thinking I can tie a bow on it and it will be fine.

On to my craft room, sewing room, the hubs office.  We share the space.  His side is neat and orderly (Type A personality), me…nah.  I’m all over the place.

IMG_2340I’m always cleaning this up, until my next project and then it’s a mess again!!

IMG_2342Look what I found!! My birthday is coming up…Bet’cha its a new lens for my camera??

IMG_2328Here we have a laundry basket filled with odds and ends leftover from Christmas sitting in my dining area waiting to be brought downstairs..  That would normally not be such a big deal except it is Mid-January!!! Oh Karyn!!

Last but not least on my house tour is the basement.  Now most ladies do not include this part of the house on the house tour but seeing as I’m putting myself completely out there for the whole world to see…Airing my dirty laundry, so to speak, I thought I would show you my dirty laundry!!  Here is where I need to insert a caution..proceed at your own risk type of disclaimer.  Do you dare go down these stairs into the dark, dank, damp, dingy basement?? IMG_2333I have some folding to do.

IMG_2331And some organizing to do! (notice the laundry basket made its way downstairs)

IMG_2332This is supposed to be a wine cellar.  Maybe someday.  Right now its more like a paint can cellar, ah yes Sherwin Williams, Barn Red 2013 was a very good year.

IMG_2337No basement would be complete without the kitty litter box would it??

IMG_2338We also have this really scary crawl space in our basement.  I do not go near it, I don’t even like to look in that direction. Maybe if I tie a bow on it??

So that concludes my house tour.  Come back and see me again.  You know where to hang your coat, throw your keys, and leave your boots.

Mi casa Su Casa!!

3 thoughts on “Home Tour…Not!!

  1. This my favorite post by far Karyn. I thought you and your home would be one of those home tour types… you made ME feel better. I have been wondering the same thing about some of these homes, families and blogs.. I thought it was just me, maybe I wasn’t up to par as a mother of 4, wife and farmer. By the way I think your home is lovely and lived in.. you made me laugh, love your humor!


    • thanks Jennifer! That post wasn’t supposed to publish yet because I still needed to fix all my typos but for some reason there it is! I just get frustrated because I can never get things the way I want and keep them that way and yes some of these other women make you feel like a failure! Oh well…How does that saying go…My house is clean enough to be healthy but dirty enough to be happy!!

  2. Karyn…You are so gracious !!! I can compare my house with yours, and feel better — than wishing and hoping…after going through Country Living magazine, which ends up on my floor with all the other magazines, soon forgotten! Awesome post!

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