A day in the sun!

The weather in my part of town has been pretty dreary lately.  It is January after all so I expect the snow and because it is New England I even expect the freezing cold.  But what we have been getting is rain and fog and mud.  Lots and lots of mud.

IMG_5147Lots and lots of mud.  Oh, and poop.

Today the sun came out for a little while and it was actually pretty warm so I grabbed the opportunity to let everyone out to play.


First I took the Goatee Girls out for a walk and then I let them hang out in the back yard for a few hours.  It is all fenced in so I don’t have to worry about them wandering off.  I even gave them our Christmas Wreath to nibble on.

IMG_1913Pip is exploring

IMG_1886I think I even got a smile from Dutchess!

IMG_1878Bambi enjoying the wreath

IMG_1879Little Momma Mocha gets some too

IMG_1906Until Queen Shanique decided she wanted it!

IMG_1904Momma Mocha didn’t mind.  She just goes with the flow!

The Hippie Chicks and Frank came next.


I tried to get them into the back yard with the Goatee Girls but they only made it half way before they decided they were happy exploring my herb garden and didn’t want to move.

IMG_1892Lots of good stuff in that herb garden

IMG_1907Frank giving me the evil eye.  He doesn’t want me to get too close to “his” girls!

IMG_1916Bambi decided she had enough and wanted to come inside for cocoa and cookies.

And where was Dutch when everyone was outside?

IMG_1919Stuck in time out!

Poor Dutch… all he wanted to do was chase everyone, head butt the Goatee Girls, scare the Hippie Chicks up into the trees and sample some of those little chocolate covered raisins that are all over the barnyard!!


Not to worry.  In one more week Dutch will have a new playmate.  Meet … Quaid? Gunner? Howzer? Ivan? Conan??

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