My new toy~ Canon Rebel T3i

Santa bought me a camera for Christmas this year.  I think he was tired of hearing me complain about my lousy pictures and I may have hinted to him that I really wanted one about a million times (he pays attention!).

IMG_5014My new toy

It is a Canon Rebel T3i and it has all kinds of buttons and dials and fancy stuff.  He also brought me a nice camera case and a wide angle lens so I can look all professional, like I know what I am doing, when really I have no clue. So Santa also brought me a “How to use your Canon Rebel T3i for Dummies” book.  Problem is I am a visual learner, a hands on type of gal and to be honest with you I didn’t even make it through the first chapter and I was lost.  I need a “How to use your Canon rebel T3i for complete idiots” book instead.  I should really take a class on photography but in the meantime I thought I would just take it out for a spin and practice by simply pressing buttons and turning dials.

Here’s what I got:

IMG_5019Not bad right?

IMG_1526I really wanted to be able to do this.. blurred background! Love that affect.

IMG_5017I love close-ups!

IMG_1574My little Miss Buttons


IMG_1584Caught in the act!! (yes there are 2 BIG pieces of pie on his plate!)

IMG_1581Son #1

IMG_1582Son #3

IMG_1580Son #5

IMG_1551My daughter and her husband

IMG_1555The whole family (son #4 is in there somewhere!) Obviously I didn’t use my wide angle lens!

I am having so much fun playing with my new toy.  I really enjoy annoying everyone and snapping shots when they least expect it, like the hubs caught in the act!  I will keep practicing, reading my Dummies book and maybe this winter I can take a class.  I hope you enjoyed my practice session.  Big hugs.


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