New Years Resolutions 2014

It’s a new year and I am always excited to start making new plans and changes in my life.  I have a million resolutions in my head and a whole lot of good intentions.  Of course there are the usual ones like I am going to drop a few pounds and start exercising again.  I am going to pay better attention to my body and start eating healthier and drinking more water, less coffee and watch the intake of red wine.  I promise myself to take vitamins on a daily basis, get to the hairdresser once a month and heck I should treat myself to a manicure and pedicure monthly as well.  I deserve it and I should take better care of myself.  I should make 2014 my year!

Then comes the typical, every January list of good intentions that involve the home front.  It starts with a good cleaning after the Christmas decorations come down and a promise to stick to a weekly cleaning schedule.  For instance, if I clean every Monday, set it in stone, it has to be done, then my house work won’t build up on me, my floors won’t get so dirty and I won’t need a hazmat suit to tackle the bathrooms. I tell myself that when I throw a load of laundry into the washer I won’t forget about it and leave it in there only to find it a few days later and have to re-wash it because it smells funky.  I promise myself that this year I will be much better about staying on top of the mountain of laundry that lives in my basement, I will get it done on a daily basis from start to finish, that way it just can’t build up on me the way it does and we won’t have to live out of laundry baskets any more.  I also decided that I am going to become a better planner and figure out a weekly menu, write out a grocery list, maybe even clip a coupon or two and force myself to go to the grocery store faithfully every week and even throw in a giant size grocery Costco day once a month.  I want to stay stocked up on the essentials like toilet paper, napkins, plastic wrap and paper plates (yes we use paper plates, I hate doing dishes, I can’t live without them).  It will only help to make my life easier if I know ahead of time what I plan on making for meals that week and I have everything I need.   This way when the boys start asking me whats for dinner I will actually know whats for dinner instead of my usual “I haven’t got a clue…I wonder what I can make with Cheerios” kinda answer.  Right about this time I also get on an organizing kick.  I start to organize everything in the house, all my kitchen cupboards get redone, my craft room (that is a huge one, takes me days to straighten up that mess) gets organized, all my ribbons together in one area, my paints and paint brushes together, my soap making supplies in one basket and on and on until my next craft project strikes and it is a mess again.  Well not this year.  I will stay on top of it and I promise to be a cleaner, more organized crafter and cooker (is that a word?) because I am also a very messy cook.  I have to use every spoon, bowl and pot when I cook (ask my son…I drive him crazy!!).  But no more because this is the year I am going to get my act together.

Next on my list and this is a big one, I intend to be a better blogger.  I want to kick it up a notch or ten and really do all the things I plan on doing but for some reason or other I didn’t get around to.  Like I was going to post a cookie a day recipe for you all in December and I wanted to do a house tour to share my decorations with you. I have a gazillion posts that are sitting in my drafts folder, started but never finished. I really need to hire someone to fix all these glitches on my blog and get it to work and look like I have visioned in my head.  I need to dedicate a few hours each day to make this into a real blog.  I have to just do it. In 2014 I will write a better blog.

Last and most important on my list of resolutions would be the family.  I want to spend more quality time with each and every one of them. Sure I am with them all almost everyday but I’m talking good old-fashioned quality time, like a one on one basis.  I need to bring my daughter with me when I get my nails done and maybe add a lunch in there as well turn it into a mother-daughter day. I really need to listen closer when my boys talk to me and give them my undivided attention instead of sitting with my computer in front of me and nodding my head.  I really should plan more alone time with the hubs, a date night once a week, like we used to enjoy before we became “farmers”.  I want to plan a Mimi day with my grandchildren, maybe a movie and ice-cream after.  I want to make 2014 a year of quality time with my loved ones.

I always start the New Year the same way.  A list of promises, good intentions, resolutions, all a mile long.  Some of them I keep, others fizzle out before long.  I am a mess by nature.  I was born a procrastinator.  I keep trying though because I am not a quitter.  So today is New Years day, the first day of 2014.  I have a mountain of laundry in the basement, the house is a mess, toilet paper is running low.  I can’t find the scissors under the pile of ribbons on my desk and I am already making excuses to myself about why I can’t find time to run out to the barn and sneak in a quick workout.  The family is here and it’s the last day of the holidays before we all have to get back to work and school and responsibilities tomorrow.  My list of good intentions can wait one more day.  But you’ll see… 2014… is going to be the year.  I promise to myself.


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