I have a little problem.  More like an obsession, maybe it is more like a sickness or an addiction.  It comes and it goes.  Most of the time I’m fine, it doesn’t affect me at all, I can hide it and nobody even knows. From January to October I don’t even think about my little problem but then when November rolls around it hits me again and by December I have a full-blown case of ….. Nutcrackers!!!!


It is my girlfriends fault, I blame her. My best friend forever turned me on to nutcrackers. Every year her and I get together to make peanut butter balls for Christmas and she would have Nutcrackers everywhere.  They were in every room of her house, big ones, small ones, fat ones, skinny ones.  They sat on top of cabinets and counters, they stood watch on the windowsills, they peeked out from the bookshelves. I couldn’t even use her bathroom without one watching me.  You think I have a problem? You should see her!  I remember like it was yesterday that first time I tried one.  “Go ahead and hold one” she told me.  “They won’t hurt you.  Look how pretty they are, look how many different kinds there are!  Go ahead Ryn (that’s what she calls me), pick one up, don’tcha just love it?” (peer pressure)


It started in 1987.  I was driving home from one of our all night peanut butter ball making get togethers. I was feeling a little sentimental (mental being the key part of that word here), it was snowing lightly, the houses were decorated and I could see Christmas trees in all the windows.  I popped in my favorite Christmas CD, which happens to be Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker (I’m not kidding, it is) and I got to thinking.  “I want a Nutcracker this year.  I am half German so It only makes sense that I should have a Nutcracker!  After all this is my favorite time of the year and The Nutcracker is my favorite holiday music, and my favorite holiday show.  As a matter of fact I love all things Nutcracker so I am going to ask the hubs to get me a Nutcracker this year for Christmas”.  And so it began.


I now have over 25 Nutcrackers.  I keep them in a case in my living room but every year on Black Friday they come out to take their rightful place in my home.  I have big ones, small ones, fat ones and skinny ones.  I even have collections of my Nutcracker collection.  I have my Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol” collection which includes Scrooge, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and yet to come.  Marley’s ghost wrapped in chains and Charles Dickens the author himself.  I also have a Nutcracker collector, Nutcracker!!  But my most favorite and cherished Nutcracker collection is my Nutcracker Suite, Nutcracker collection. I have Heir Drosselmeyer, the beloved uncle toy maker, The Mouse King, assorted soldiers of the Nutcracker and Tchaikovsky himself.  I haven’t finished this one yet.  I want a sugarplum fairy and I still need the two main characters… Clara and Cavelier, the Nutcracker prince.  Then and only then can my Nutcracker obsession be put to rest.

DSCN1283Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”

DSCN1277Charles Dickens ~ Author

DSCN1285Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim

DSCN1289Old man Scrooge himself

DSCN1319Marley’s Ghost and The Ghost of Christmas Present

DSCN1280The Ghost of Christmas yet to come

DSCN1329Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite


DSCN1273The Mouse King

DSCN1297Heir Drosselmeyer

Last year around this time, my Nutcrackers had all been taken out of their cabinet and were decorating my house when my granddaughter came to visit.  She was 3 years old at the time, the perfect age for me to introduce her to each and every one of them and possibly create a new Nutcracker addict collector to the family. Everything was going along smoothly, she was fascinated by them, their colors, the way they worked and then I took down Charles Dickens The Ghost of Christmas yet to come.  He is big and black and very, very scary.  Well lets just say I had to put him in a closet from that point on whenever she came to visit.  My granddaughter is older now and this year for Christmas I bought her the animated version of “The Nutcracker Prince” along with a Nutcracker Barbie doll.  I know she will eventually be forced learn to love Nutcrackers as much as I do.  If not well I already have my daughter who I’ve started on her own collection of beloved Nutcrackers.  I make sure that Santa brings her one every year even though she never asks for it.  I believe that one day, she too will have a house full of Nutcrackers!


My first ever and most cherished Nutcracker, Joe. (OK, I made that name up)


My Nutcracker Collector


He is signed by his creator!


Got this guy for Christmas last year.  He helps me cook (don’t I wish)

DSCN1302Gotta have a Santa Nutcracker

DSCN1303Or two!

Did I ever tell you about my Santa obsession collection?




 Oh Yea!!

2 thoughts on “Nutcrackers

  1. OMG I love, love them all! Beautiful collection.
    I started collecting in 1989 I was 14 it was my first Nutcracker on toe shoes.
    My first was from my grandmother.. A 1900’s nutcracker her mother, my Great grandmother gave to her…

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