Autumn in New England

My cousin came to visit from Germany this past week and I thought it would be nice to take a ride and show her the countryside.  It was a picture perfect day, the sun was bright and the sky was clear.  I want to share some of the pictures we took that day with you.   I hope you can feel the sun on your face, smell the crispness in the air, hear the leaves crunch under your feet and feel a peacefulness in your heart.  Enjoy.

IMG_3178On Golden Pond

IMG_3192The swans glide gracefully

IMG_3181The ducks play

IMG_3185To stand above


The water still, reflecting like a mirror

IMG_3190A stop at the winery

IMG_3187An old red barn

IMG_3189A house hidden among the trees

IMG_3180Antique Shops everywhere

IMG_3183Old New England streets

IMG_3186A taste of pizza!

IMG_3184White Churches

IMG_2992In every town

IMG_3002Autumn Wreaths

IMG_1439Pumpkin Patches

DSCN0662Fallen leaves

DSCN0664One last sign of summer

IMG_3176Cheers!  A toast to Autumn in New England and getting to share it with family.

10 thoughts on “Autumn in New England

  1. Love these shots, Karyn! I can’t tell you how tempted I was to stop and take pics of those pumpkins in front of the church in Woodbury…both times I’ve been to your house in the last week and a half, but each time I was running a little late. Actually, on both drives up I kept saying to myself that there may not be a prettier state than CT. Gorgeous days, blue skies, fall colors…and yes, all that wonderful New England architecture. A white church on every street corner is seems.

    • Kristin! You are so good! Those are the pumpkins in front of the church in Woodbury!! I have been wanting to just take a day to drive around and enjoy the beautiful sights that God has given us. So good for the soul. I love the old churches.. I think there might be 5-6 in Woodbury alone. Lived in Florida but my heart has always been here in CT!!

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