Swissie Family Reunion

Our dog Dutch is a Swiss Mountain Dog.  He comes from a great line of Swissies and just recently we hosted a family reunion.

DSCN0649Not easy to get these pups to sit for a group photo!

Dutch is one of 9 puppies that was born to Noka and Shea, and the first litter for them both.  Noka was 3 years old and Shea was 5 by the time they had Dutch.  They were one of those power couples who had things to do before settling down to raise a family.  Shea, specifically was busy being a show dog.  He was ranked the #1 Swissie in the country for 2010 and in 2011 he won the Top 20 Competition at the National.

IMG_3256Daddy Shea and Momma K.  I have no idea who the fox is!!

The litter was conceived outside of Detroit through artificial insemination at a repo vet clinic.  Nine weeks later on March 10, 2013 Noka’s 9 puppies were born.  She free-whelped the entire litter in under 3 hours which is amazingly fast.  According to the breeder they were practically falling out of her.

IMG_3258A very pregnant momma Noka

 Of the 3 boys and 6 girls, Dutch’s sister Tonka was the smallest at birth weighing 13.1 oz. (ounce??? yikes), and today at 7 months she is the biggest of the girls at 78 pounds!

IMG_3257Tonka sporting her new Swissie Fall Fest Scarf

Dutch was the last of the puppies born which does not surprise me at all because even now he likes to take his sweet old-time doing things.  He weighed 15.3 ounces and he had the perfect markings to be show quality like his dad Shea.  Dutch will be hitting the show ring in November of this year so stay tuned!!

IMG_0295Baby Dutch

IMG_0294High 4!

IMG_0293Dutch at 5 weeks

For our Swissie Fall Fest we were lucky enough to have 4 out of the 9 siblings attend along with mommy Noka, daddy Shea and grandpa Bowie.  We spent the day eating, playing with the pups, ogling over daddy Shea – because he is one drop dead handsome guy, comparing notes and just having a great time.

IMG_3260Tonka, Bronx and Dutch tearing it up!

IMG_3261Dutch and his new buddy

IMG_3262Dutch~Wait for me!!

IMG_3263New friend Timmy and Momma Noka

IMG_3264Oh Boy~Daddy Shea wants Daddy Greg’s food!

IMG_3266Yeah! Finally someone to play on the dirt pile with me!

IMG_3267Sister Bronx on her way back from harassing the chickens!!

IMG_3268Dutch keeping Bronx away.  Those are HIS chickens!!

IMG_3269Dutch, Bronx and Alpine planning their next move!

IMG_3270Bronx and Alpine sharing doggie kisses??

IMG_3271Brother Cooper

IMG_3273Daddy Shea on the pool cover??!!!!!!

IMG_3274Bronx and Tonka with their matching freckles

IMG_3276Momma Noka ready to go home …. but in the wrong car!!

IMG_3279Everbody line up if you want your doggie bag!

We made new friends and started planning our Swissie Spring Fest.  It was heartwarming to see these dogs together again, playing, running and just having so much fun together again as family.

IMG_3265So sad his family has to go home.  Don’t worry Dutch we will see them again soon.  I promise.


11 thoughts on “Swissie Family Reunion

  1. That looked like so much fun! Thank you for making me smile and laugh today Karyn.
    I knew Dutch was special but I didn’t know he is practically royalty!

    • Thank you Gail. It was so much fun to have all those dogs together that day. I just always feel like I am missing one. I think Skar would have loved it here. Greg and I have been talking about possibly getting another pup to keep Dutch company so we started looking at BM Curs. I don’t think we will ever find another dog as good or as human as Skar though. Miss him

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