Paper Bag Pumpkin

Looking for a quick fall decoration? Then you have come to the right place because I’m all about quick.  If you have a brown paper bag, paint, stain, glue, stuffing and about 1 hour then your golden.  I made a simple pumpkin template from my computer and traced it onto a brown paper bag.  Next I painted it with orange paint, leaving a bit of the brown paper to show through.  I wanted this to be rustic and kinda old looking so I was not careful and I made sure I didn’t stay in the lines.

IMG_2190paper pumpkin 1

After I let this dry I slopped on some stain.  Again, no need for careful, you are just going to cut it out after anyway.

IMG_2193paper bag pumpkin 2

Once this dried I cut it out, a front and a back piece, leaving about a 1/2 inch border.  I ran some tacky glue around the edge of the bottom, unpainted brown paper bag pumpkin, this time leaving about a 3 inch space on the bottom so I could stuff it.

IMG_2197paper bag pumpkin 3

Ok.  Still with me?  Now you stuff, stuff, stuff and then glue the opening shut on the bottom.

IMG_2199paper bag pumpkin4

How you want to finish it is up to you.  I decided to glue some fall leaves and a raffia bow on mine and then I took twine, punched 2 holes on the top and made a hanger out of it.  All Done! One hour start to finish only because you have to let it dry in-between and your kids are hungry so you have to make lunch, and then the dog knocks over the garbage can, accidently of course, and now your mother calls and you have to talk on the phone and .. and .. and.

IMG_2204paper bag pumpkin

 Happy Fall!!

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