Cleaning the Poop from the Coop!

So here’s the deal. On monday, wednesday and fridays I like to freshen up the coop.  House cleaning service comes in, gives it a good scrubbing and leaves a present on the pillow.  I like to use Thieves Household cleaner because it is a great nontoxic, biodegradable, cleansing solution that uses theraputic-grade essential oils as a germ-killer and disinfectant.  It is documented to kill over 99.96% of bacteria.  It is made with cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus.  It smells oh so good and it will not harm my little baby girls. Sounds like a commercial doesn’t it!

IMG_2012 thieves

So first thing I do is poop scoop.  Then I give everything a good scrubbing.  I  clean their waterer and then fill it with fresh water mixed with apple cider vinegar.  I only add the ACV once a week usually on fridays.  Then I head inside the coop to fill their nesting boxes with calming lavender, russian sage and catmint.  I want to create a spa like experience for my girls while they do their thing.  I would burn a few candles if I wasn’t afraid I would burn the whole coop down.  I did however sew some curtains to cover their nesting boxes so they would have privacy.


I sprinkle the coop with fresh marigolds, mint and whatever other herbs I feel like that day. I’m totally freaked out at the thought of mites and parasites so I do whatever I can to prevent that from happening.  So far so good, knock on wood, throw salt over my shoulder and all that other good stuff.

IMG_2019 coop cleaning 1

Dutch is always close by to supervise the cleaning and to make sure I don’t miss anything.


When I’m all done I let the hippie chicks in and they give it a quick once over.


I think they approve.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning the Poop from the Coop!

  1. Wow, I really liked this post Karyn, I hope your Hippie Chicks realize how lucky they are! They are living in a 5 star resort. My chickies, on the other hand, are staying at the Econo-lodge lol

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