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To do lists are a funny thing.  They can make or break you.  Today I was thinking of all the stuff I needed to get done and I started making a list.  By the time I was done I was hyperventilating.  I’m a great list maker.  I usually have several going at the same time.  As a matter of fact I sleep with a notepad and pen next to my bed just in case inspiration strikes me at 3 in the morning.  Hey, you never know when you will feel inspired and remember something that you have to do.  My best 2 do lists are made at 3 a.m.  First there is the boring, plain old 2 do list that always consists of things like:

Boring List

  • call for hair appointment
  • bring Dutch to Vet
  • schedule 6 month teeth cleaning
  • laundry

Then you have the household 2 do list which is kinda exactly like the boring 2 do list:

Household List

  • laundry
  • change bed linens
  • get milk
  • laundry

And then the fun 2 do lists like my favorite garden and chicken lists:

Garden List

  • Order garlic for October planting
  • weed, prune, fertilize
  • mulch
  • plant
  • weed, prune, fertilize

Chicken List

  • clean coop
  • clean waterer
  • sew curtains for coop

I even break my lists down into subcategories, like my household list is broken down into days of the week.

Household List

  • Monday
  1. grocery shop
  2. laundry
  • Tuesday
  1. clean house
  2. laundry

I have grocery lists, craft lists, supply lists, rainy, snowy, sunny and foggy day lists. I even have files for my lists like urgent, do later and maybe someday I will get to it.  It also depends on the time of year, the approaching holiday or the life changing event as to how extensive my lists get.  Sometimes I have multiple notebooks for 1 list!  Of course being the good mother and wife that I am I also make 2 do lists for everyone else in my family.  I don’t know, I’m just not feeling the love for that yet.  Sticky notes are the best!! They are great for posting reminders everywhere like next to the door so you see it on your way out, on the refrigerator because you look in there at least 20 times a day, on mirrors, car steering wheels, bed pillows, the dog and in tuna sandwiches (?).

They say you should have a list with no more then 5 things on it.  You should put them in order with the most important item first. This way you don’t set yourself up for failure or hyperventilate like I do.  🙂



One thought on “2 do

  1. If you write it down you will do it, I get it!
    I love using the notes app on my phone/computer and the “stickies’ on my computer dashboard

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