Chicken Trivia and Tips

  • Did you know the yolk is actually the food source for the developing chicken?  I didn’t either. I always thought it was the baby chicken. 
  • Chickens have ears!  Yes indeed and if a chicken has red ear skin they usually lay brown eggs and if they have white ear skin they lay…well…white eggs.
  • A group of chickens is called a flock.
  • Chickens don’t eat at night or in the dark because total darkness makes them go into a kind of trance making them easy targets for preditors.  This would be a good time to grab a flashlight and head out to the coop for a little chick check.  It’s much easier to make sure they don’t have any health issues that may need to be addressed. Which reminds me – you should always have a chicken first aid kit on hand just in case. Not sure what to put in a chicken first aid kit? Well check out this great blog from The Chicken Chick on what to put in a Chicken First Aid Kit.  Anyway, that is why chickens like to perch up high when they sleep. It makes them less vulnerable.
  • Chickens love to take baths. No really they do!  A dust bath!  They scratch out a good size hole in the dirt, roll in it and lie in it, throwing dirt all over themselves and then shaking to get rid of it. It helps control the parasites and I think it must feel kinda good. Just don’t be alarmed the first time you see them do this. Don’t think that they are having a convulsion or a seizure or a heart attack. And don’t run screaming for your husband and kids to come help you help your chicken!  Not that I did that. I’m just warning you so you don’t do that  🙂
  • Chickens are very social birds and don’t do so well alone. That is why you should have a least 2 chickens. Before you know it folks you will have 20 chickens. It’s called chicken math 1+1=20 (math was never my best subject).
  • Chickens are smart!  They have been compared to toddlers in their ability to reason, problem solve and with their social skills.  They are as smart as some mammals.  So if someone calls you a “bird brain”, take it as a compliment
  • Lastly, chickens lead to other livestock. Before you know it you will have 6 Guinea Fowl on order and you will be looking into raising Alpacas. And if not Alpacas then maybe goats.  I think goat milk would be cool to have – then I can add it to my homemade soap and maybe make some goat cheese!  I really don’t know why my husband looked at me funny when I suggested this. It sounded good to me!

4 thoughts on “Chicken Trivia and Tips

  1. Next month, when I’m in St. Louis for the Swissy National, I am going to go visit my former boss’s herd of Alpaca…which he will be mostly liquidating. Me thinks he would make you a real deal on a small little herd of your own. Seriously.

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