I think I’m a Farmer ya all!

You know you are a farmer when:

  • Your day starts before sunrise and ends shortly after the dinner dishes are done.
  • You wear your PJs to do chores like tending chickens, watering plants, picking veggies and running to the store to get milk.  What?  You don’t??
  • All your shoes, even your high, spiky heels, night on the town shoes have chicken poop on them.
  • You get insanely excited when the latest issue of Grit Magazine comes in the mail.
  • Your idea of a good time is watching chicken T.V. and cracking open a cold one.
  • Your new favorite vehicle to drive is your John Deere.
  • You start making your own soap, detergents and fabric softeners.. All your shelves are now filled with jams, sauces and Dilly Beans!!
  • Your French Manicure is now a dirt manicure and your little black dress is your husbands flannel.
  • Your favorite store is now The Tractor Supply Co.  I’m starting to get giddy.
  • You find yourself chewing on a piece of straw for no reason….Ah, Yup!


And you wouldn’t trade it for a home in Florida right on the water.

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