Cleaning out the coop

Today is Monday.  On Mondays I like to give The Hippie Chick-Inn an extra good cleaning.  That usually consists of a thorough raking, an application of Food Grade DE sprinkled about and of course the addition of fresh herbs and flowers.

          A poopie mess.

A poopie mess.

First things first.  Sand is what I use for litter on the floor of the coop.  I have found that it stays 10x cleaner then pine shavings and it is so easy to maintain.  It is like a giant kitty litter box. It doesn’t retain moisture, it doesn’t decay, it’s inexpensive, stays cool longer in the summer and it provides the chicks with a giant dust-bath.  Just make sure you use contractors grade and not the sand for a child’s sandbox as that contains too much silica.  Every morning I just go in and scoop the poop! Takes me 2 mins at most.  I add it to my compost bin and all is good.

great fertilizer in this here                        bucket!

Great fertilizer in this here

Next I sprinkle a very generous helping of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth all around.  This helps control parasites and does not harm the girls.


With the basics finished, my favorite part is to head on out to the herb garden and pick a giant handful of benefical herbs and flowers to scatter around the coop.  These not only look pretty and smell great but they are super healthy for The Hippie Chicks. 

  • Marigolds- Mild antiseptic, antibacterial and controls mites.  Bugs hate it.  If you feed it to your chickens it makes the egg yolk a beautiful deep gold color.
  • Yarrow- Good for chickens respiratory health.  It keeps the air dry and controls humidity in the coop.
  • Catmint- natural insect repellent for lice and ticks
  • Lavender- Good insecticidal herb with calming properties for people and chickens alike.
  • Nasturtium- Great for overall chicken health, a natural de-wormer and insect repellant with antiseptic and antibiotic properties.
  • Wormwood- Controls external parasites and a natural insect repellent.
Doesn't that look so pretty!!

Doesn’t that look so pretty!!

Nothing but the best for my girls.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I can smell the herbs and flowers from here! What a great chicken mom you are! That coop and the girls could and should be in a magazine!

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