Shortly after we moved into our new home IT started.  The boxes were all unpacked, my baskets lined the shelves, the curtains were hung, the dust was starting to settle.  I knew IT was coming.  I could feel IT.  I started to see signs of IT everywhere.  Literature and images of IT left out on the table.  Books about IT appeared on my nightstand.  Pictures of IT taped to my bathroom mirror and strategically placed in my underwear drawer.  Mumblings of IT at the dinner table.  I tried to fight IT.  I wasn’t ready for IT.  IT is to hard I said.  IT is to messy I complained.  IT is to much of a commitment I argued.  But I was outnumbered.  And before long IT happened.


Meet Dutch.  Otherwise known as Double Dutch, Dutch Master, Dutchie Dog, No Dutch, Stop Dutch, Damn Dutch or my personal favorite Get Out Of The Garden Dutch!!!!


IMG_0308Get Out Of The Garden Dutch!

Dutch is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog.  A Swissie.  These dogs originated from Roman War dogs making them one of the oldest and biggest of the Sennenhund breeds.  They are powerfully strong and muscular, bred from Mastiffs.  Males can weigh anywhere from 110-150 lbs, females 100-120 lbs.  They are working dogs, used as herders and are able to pull carts weighing thousands of pounds!  They were referred to as “The poor mans horse”.  Swissies love to have a job to do, always willing to work (pruning back flowers in my gardens) making them excellent watch dogs.

IMG_0313Dutch watching the door. You would think twice before you tried to come in, wouldn’t ya!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are happy, bold, faithful, intelligent, fast learners, enthusiastic, have a strong bond to people, get along well with other dogs and are gentle and protective of children.  Another characteristic of the Swissie that you won’t find on the internet or in books is what we affectionately refere to as Manic Mood.  Twice a day we have Hyper Hour.  Usually in the early morning and then again around dinner time.  Manic Mood Hyper Hour consists of running through every room in the house as fast as you can, bouncing off walls- literally- leaping onto furniture from 10 feet away, chasing your tail, nipping at feet and hands and terrorizing the cat.  These periods are always followed by a very long nap.  Kinda, exactly like the Happy Hours I’ve been to once or twice!

IMG_0432Manic Mood Hyper Hour

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are the new “In Vogue”dog.  Why??  Well I’m not sure.  I am sure that they are the cutest, sweetest and most loving dogs.  Dutch is one of the very best dogs we have owned.  Ever.



Anyone looking to get information or wanting to get a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog please contact http://www.aegisgsmd.com/home.html  Thanks.  You will be so happy you did!

11 thoughts on “Dutch

  1. So adorable! All those pictures of Dutch are so beautiful, I want to kiss that sweet face! Getting a puppy is like having a new baby but so worth it in the long run. Definitely mans best friend! What a handsome boy!

  2. Great job. Was laughing out load in the office. Pt actually had to come see what I was laughing at. Wonderful story and pics. Love that dog.

  3. Cute! On random days I will hear Trent yelling, “No Dutch!” I think he is practicing for the next time he is over!

  4. I loved reading about Dutch. I’ve missed seeing pictures! I have Cooper aka Bellow his brother. Dutch found a great family! I’ll check back to see home much he’s grown. Hopefully we can all meet up soon.

  5. When the puppies were seven weeks old, I flew up to CT to see them. I can’t believe how fast they have grown. Dutch is gorgeous, or should I say very handsome. I can only imagine how much you are enjoying him and all the puppy antics. He is a very lucky boy, indeed, to have found such a wonderful home and family.

  6. Tonka, Dutch’s sister will love reading this. She’s a mellower version of Dutch. We only get 30 minutes of maniac time in the morning. She’s actually tried jumping from the floor to the kitchen table once at 9-10 weeks. Made it about 4 inches off the floor. To stand on the table is still her biggest goal. We have to keep all chairs pushed in. Give Dutch a smooch from us!

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