Our House, Our Home

Recently my husband and I purchased a new home that has changed our lives.  We retired a few years ago, sold our “dream home” in CT. bought a small Condo, packed our bags and moved to  Naples, FL. We were having the time of our lives! Beach, boat, jet skis, dinner in fancy restaurants, shopping at the finest stores, going to The Naples Philharmonic to broaden our horizons, eating right, excersing daily and missing everyone back home. Something just didn’t feel right.  So after many trips back to CT. we decided our retirement was just too soon.  Packed up some stuff, and came home. Unfortunately “home” was now a condo.  It just wasn’t going to work with our ever growing family!! So after much soul searching and sleepless nights, we decided we once again needed to get a place to spread our roots and provide our family with “home central”.  Problem is we wanted what we had in FL. This is what we got.

IMG_0025It’s not on the water, but it has a pool, there are no jet skis, but it has two barns, no boat but 6 acres of land, a horse paddock (now home to The Hippie Chick-Inn and veggie garden), basket ball court, five fireplaces and a whole lotta extras we never could have imagined.  We call it “The Compound”.  It is our dream come true.  So if you have a minute, or ten, I ‘d love to share it with you.  Come on in! Stay awhile, and no, you don’t have to take off your shoes.  It’s not that kind of home!!


Formal Living Room- complete with fireplace and built in china cabinet


The Tavern.  Yep a real honest to goodness Tavern.  It has a separate entrance, fireplace and has seen many family games of setback, played until the wee hours of the morning!!! Chuggin Beers!!


The Dining room.  I finally have a table that can fit the whole family!! Yahoo!!!


The walk in fireplace in the Dining room that includes a beehive oven for pizza making on snowy Friday nights!


The Family Room. See that coffee table? That was a door we repurposed.


A mini kitchen in the Family Room.  It is adjacent to the pool so it works out great when the gang is all here.  This Family Room was actually the garage, but we felt it would make a better spot to hang out when everyone is here and boy do we love it!!


The pool (still under construction in this picture)


One of two heated barns on the property and now our garage.  The upstairs is a game room and a place were the kids hang out with their friends.


This is another heated/air conditioned barn that we converted into “The Bunk House”.  It has a T.V. room and kitchen, we just added a full bathroom, and it has the whole top floor for sleeping. Right now our son lives there.


Just another view of the herb garden and “Bunk House”


The Veggie Garden and Hippie Chick-Inn (This was once a horse paddock)


Another view, the family room that was once the garage and the bunk house.  We took out the driveway and added the walk and see that gate leading into the back yard?  That was another door we repurposed.  Love IT!!


We added an outdoor shower.  If you have never tried an outdoor shower well you just haven’t lived!!


The Hippie Chick-Inn


My Potting Shed


The house is all post and beam so Miss Kitty loves hanging out up there!


The Game Room in the Big Barn


We put this loft up in the Game Room and put a bed up there.  Its a great place to sneak away and catch a few zzzz’s


View from the Loft in the game room


Our front door.  How cool is this?? I love the security system 2×4 deadbolt!!


My Kitchen.  Those lanterns above the cabinets were from the outside of the house.  We had to replace them but hey, I wasn’t gonna let them go to waste!! I added Christmas candles to the inside and wired them so they turn on when I flick a switch in the kitchen.  I can’t take credit for that great idea.  My oldest son thought of that one.  Thank you Bryan!!


Another Family Room Loft over what was the garage


Stairway going up the the family room loft.  Can you guys see that door (under the big cross on the wall?) well that door is now the one that we made into our coffee table.

We have found our bit of heaven.  I still walk around this place and can’t believe we were so lucky.  We did alot of work and made alot of changes.  It’s a place where our family can be together.  Where we can make new memories and laugh about the old ones.  Thanks for taking the time to share this with me  I hope you liked it.

OH and if you didn’t get enough, our story is going to featured on HGTVs House Hunters.  Thursday, July 25th at 10:00pm.  So grab a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy!

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    • Thank you so much Jennifer. The feeling is mutual!! The home and the blog are both still a work in progress but I’m having fun along the way and meeting such really nice people. Please come back and see me again. Cheers!!

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