My Herb Garden

I love my gardens.  I can get lost in my gardens.


This is my Herb Garden

I love to grow herbs more then anything else.  They are very forgiving.  They don’t seem to require a lot of care.  Perfect for me. The best part about growing herbs is that I can use them for everything.  From Teas to cooking and baking to feeding my chickens and keeping their coop smelling great!  I think my favorite herb right now is my Comfrey.  It works wonders in my compost bin and my chickens love it.  It’s a very hardy perennial that is rich in protein and minerals.


My Comfrey

Another favorite herb of mine is my Lovage plant.  It was given to me years ago by my sister and I have moved it with me to 3 different homes.  I think we have both finally made our last move,  finding our place in the garden.  Lovage is very similar to celery so I use it the same way in my soups and stews.



Of course no proper herb garden would be complete without the addition of these herbs:





Gotta have Spearmint for those Mojitos!!


Lambs ear


Russian Sage

And of course my little Garden Gnome


Cat Mint a true favorite of Honey Bees, Hummingbirds and Swiss Mt. Dogs!!


Just a few of my herbs ready to be put around the house

I hope you all enjoyed your walk through my Herb Garden.  I just wish you could all smell how wonderful they are!

2 thoughts on “My Herb Garden

  1. I love the look of your herb garden! I would enjoy planting a similar garden at my own home! Any tips you can give me?

    • Hmmm, lets see Angela.. plant what you love to cook with, plant perennial herbs whenever possible and plant in a sunny location. Herbs love sun and can tolerate pretty dry soil if need be. Also keep them trimmed and pinched back to encourage better growth and prevent them from going to seed too soon. As for design you can do so many different things. You can have a formal herb garden like mine or a more casual one, planting near rock walls or mixing them in with your flower and vegetable gardens. You can even grow them in pots placed by the kitchen door! If you look on line you will find a million designs for herb gardens. Just remember to enjoy them!

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