My Hate/Love affair with Pinterest

A few months ago a crazy very dear friend of mine turned me onto Pinterest.  My life was changed forever!!  I became a Pinterest junkie, or as my husband so lovingly (?) calls me “A real Pinhead”.  I spent every waking moment pinning things I just had to do.  It got so bad I was actually repining my own pins!  My boards were filled with double, triple, quadruple pins.  Friends were threatening to unfriend me on Facebook because unbeknownst to me I was sending everything there.  At one point my family was ready to hold an intervention.  I knew I had a problem when I was buying soda (we never drink the stuff at our house, nasty, nasty) just so I could have the empty bottles.  I started saving everything!  Really do I need 300 empty toilet paper rolls and an entire box of dryer lint???  Well yes I do thank you very much because hey you never know when you might need it for something!!  I started to stock pile things like Dawn dish detergent, Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking soda, Mt. Dew (don’t ask).  When my grandkids came to visit I would test out my latest pin on them.  They became my Pinterest guinea pigs.  My testers.  I have to admit some things worked great, like these iron on transfers we made using crayons and sandpaper.  Other things not so great like the homemade glow sticks using that Mt.Dew.  Lets just say I would never ever want to drink the stuff if you can use it to make anything glow!!!  I seem to have my addiction pretty much under control now.  I found I have to limit myself to the time I spend pinning.  I tell myself “Karyn, you can only spend 3 hours today on Pinterest”.  It seems to have helped.  I now only have 1/2 a bag of empty soda bottles waiting to be made into something wonderful!!!!


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  1. Carl and I enjoyed your comments so much, we laughed til the tears ran down! You know I can relate to every word you wrote!

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